Phillie Phanatic gets up close and personal with a Nationals coach

Nationals bench coach Chris Speier learned to keep his head on a swivel when the Phillie Phanatic is around.
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The Phillies hosted the Nationals on Wednesday and while they were not able to grab a win in the divisional contest, their mascot, the giant green Galapagos native known as the Phillie Phanatic, was able to grab something else.

As Washington bench coach Chris Speier stood on the field and leaned on the railing into his team’s dugout, the Phanatic saw a perfect opportunity to do a little goosing of the former shortstop, much to the delight of a watching Stephen Strasburg.

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Speier seems pretty surprised at first, but when he turns around to see the culprit he smiles and waves his finger at the mischievous mascot.

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