Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Bill Walton has converted his post moves to the joystick at a Street Fighter tournament at the 2016 E3 expo.

By Brendan Maloy
June 16, 2016

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Injuries and age mean it is unlikely that Bill Walton will ever play in a competitive basketball game again, but the NBA and NCAA legend may have found a second career as an eSports athlete.

Walton was spotted at the E3 video game expo on Thursday and the big man showed off some impressive moves on the joystick in the latest iteration of the long-running Street Fighter video game series.

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Who do you think Bill Walton plays as? He does love eastern philosophy, so Dhalsim is a decent bet. He is too good of a person to be one of those awful players who chooses E. Honda and just does the hundred-hand slap over and over.

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