It turns out The Undertaker has not always been a fearsome undead wrecking machine.

By Extra Mustard
August 04, 2016

The job of professional wrestlers is to seem strong and cool and tough, which are three adjectives rarely applied to anyone’s high school yearbook photos, and that is what makes this collection of headshots of teenaged versions of sports entertainment superstars so fantastic.

The collection was posted to imgur by user ASelfDefeatingAttitude recently and it is amazing to look through, even for a casual wrestling fan.

ASelfDefeating Attitude/Imgur

The Rock looks older in his high school yearbook photo than he does in 2016, and it turn out there was a point in time when Mick Foley was not a grizzled hardcore veteran. Meanwhile, John Cena has looked exactly the same for his entire life while CM Punk looks more likely to have become a professional Dungeons and Dragons player than a wrestler.

The finest of these photos is without a doubt The Undertaker though. To think the kid in that photo would become The Phenom and one of the most feared men in the WWE is truly hilarious.


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