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Bob Costas, who will host Olympic coverage, once had a beet thrown at him before an interview. He caught it and drank it.

By Extra Mustard
August 05, 2016

Bob Costas will be covering the Olympic Games for the 11th time this summer, and to get ready for occasion, The Washington Post’s Dan Zak wrote a long profile on him.

In the profile lies a gem of a story. While discussing Costas’s unique personality, Zak writes that the sportscaster actually had a beer thrown at him five years ago while hosting coverage of the Belmont Stakes. What’d he do? Catch it (with one hand), chug some, then throw it back because he had to interview the winning jockey. What a legend!

From The Post:

Bob is not omniscient. But he is a quick study and a sports encyclopedia. He is also a bit rebellious, self-deprecating and obnoxiously unflappable. At the Belmont Stakes in 2011, someone threw a can of beer at him, and he caught it one-handed, opened it, chugged some, lobbed it back from the victory stand, and proceeded with his interview of the winning jockey and trainer.

The opening ceremony will be held in Rio on Friday night. Costas will welcome viewers in on NBC, with a koozie in hand. Just in case.

– Kenny Ducey

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