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Tim Kaine will bring back Kansas and Mizzou’s “Border War” game if he is elected vice president

By Extra Mustard
August 09, 2016

The major party platforms are long and complicated things that require all sorts of debates and committees and politicking to let the people know where the parties stand on a whole host of issues.

The 2016 Democratic Party platform does not have any official stance on college sports rivalries, but VP candidate Tim Kaine has come out with a strong stance, promising to re-ignite the “Border War” rivalry between Kansas and Mizzou.

The rivalry remains the second-most played in FBS history, with the schools meeting on the gridiron 120 times before the game was suspended in 2011 as Mizzou moved to the SEC. The hardwood iteration of the game was last played in February 2012.

Kaine, currently a senator for Virginia, grew up outside of Kansas City and attended the University of Missouri for his undergraduate education.

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