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Von Miller channels his inner Justin Bieber while asking for a starting slot on your Madden 17​ team.

By Extra Mustard
August 18, 2016

With Peyton Manning retired there is a vacuum in the NFL for the player who makes the best and oddest commercials, and one of his former teammates—Von Miller—is doing what he can to fill the void.

The Super Bowl MVP teamed up with Madden 17 to put together a remake of Justin Bieber’s 2015 hit “Sorry,” re-titled “Start Me” and encouraging players to keep Miller in the lineup if they want to win.

Miller shows off some of the moves that took him so far in the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars in the video while changing up the lyrics with lines like, “We can win so I am saying ‘just start me’/ Stomp on players just using my body.”

The request is likely unnecessary though as Miller has a 99 overall rating in the game this season, meaning you would have to be very bold or very dumb to leave him on the bench.

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