Antonio Brown teases Jimmy Butler about his NFL dreams

Jimmy Butler and Antonio Brown are engaged in a Photoshop battle after the Bulls star joked he would be a better NFL receiver than Brown.
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While he was in Rio winning his first gold medal, Jimmy Butler told reporters and his teammates that he felt like he has the skills to be a top wide receiver in the NFL, even jokingly calling out Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown.

The Bulls star was just engaging in some harmless locker room bluster, but he managed to catch the attention of Brown, who ordered up a photoshop of Butler in a Steelers uniform to give the hoops star a taste of the football life.


​Butler responded in kind by putting Antonio Brown in the middle of an NBA game for Chicago.

While Butler probably does not have much of a shot at an NFL career at this point, he can rest well at night with his gold medal and massive contract. And if he ever gets the itch he can just look at the Photoshop Brown made him and use his imagination.