Breshad Perriman says he lost 3 or 4 pounds by cutting his hair

The Baltimore Ravens receiver has a revolutionary diet trick. 
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Baltimore Ravens receiver Breshad Perriman cut some weight this off-season—by getting rid of his hair.

Perriman showed up to Ravens camp with a new hairstyle this summer, sporting a shaved head as opposed to dreadlocks. The haircut paid dividends for Perriman on the scale, where he apparently weighed in a little lighter this year.

“I feel much lighter,” Perriman told ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. “Once I cut it, I weighed myself, and I lost three or four pounds. It was crazy.”

Perriman could certainly afford to be lighter on his knees, where injuries have prevented him from taking the field for a regular season game since he was drafted last year. 

Aside from getting cold sometimes, Perriman said he is a fan of his new look. More importantly, he may have unlocked the secret to losing weight.

It just may not work for everyone.