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A new app from the NFLPA lets NFL fans send each other emojis of their favorite players. 

By Extra Mustard
September 01, 2016

Imagine you’re playing against a friend in fantasy and Odell Beckham’s huge game helps earn you a blowout win. With a new app from the NFLPA, you can talk trash in a whole new way. 

The union released an emoji keyboard called Any Given Emoji on Thursday that features emoji versions of 175 top NFL players. (You can get it here for iOS or here for Android.)

Tom Brady, Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliot and Andrew Luck are among the first batch of players. Here are a few more:

Antonio Brown

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Odell Beckham

Todd Gurley

So if you’re a Rams fan and Todd Gurley rips off a big run against your buddy’s Seahawks, you can haunt him/her by sending Gurley’s face until your number gets blocked. 

The app was made by a company called Whalerock, which was also behind the Kim Kardashian “Kimoji” app.

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