Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Brooke Swallow and Jack Del Rio winning the NFL weekend

By Andy Gray
September 12, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: iPhone 7 Pics of Week 1

Not sure how he pulled it off but SI photographer David E. Klutho scored an unreleased iPhone 7 Plus phone and took the first official photos at the Titans-Vikings game. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted about it so the gallery below must be a big deal. And while I'm in the photo-sharing mode, here are 100 of the greatest sports photos of all time. 

NFL Round-Up

Peter King's MMQB column should be the first thing you read this morning ... Julian Edelman had a nice message for BFF Tom Brady after New England's victory ... Jack Del Rio trolled ESPN after the Raiders gutsy win over the Saints ... Randy Moss gave Trent Dilfer the look of death for some comments during NFL Countdown ... The Chiefs came back from 21 points down and Alex Smith was really excited afterwards  ... The Vikings honored Harambe during their pregame huddle ... RG3's worried mom called in the middle of his press conference ... Fans were not happy that ESPN's fantasy football app wasn't working ... 

Kate Upton Steps Into Controversy

I have to be honest: I love America but am getting a little tired of the whole National Anthem controversy. I did, however, enjoy Kate Upton getting in the middle of things by bashing those who took a knee. Of course, it's 2016 and people on Twitter were quick to remind Upton that her uncle Fred Upton, a U.S. Representative for Michigan, voted down federal legislation to help 9/11 first responders. Can't we bring Kate back to Zero Gravity and all get along?

If You Read One Thing Today

Great, great longform piece on Buzzfeed about the creation and rise of TMZ. 

The Wire Cast ... Then and Now

Nick Sobotka looks way different than in Season 2, when he was working on the docks.

Taco Bell Dress

Yes, there is a Taco Bell-inspired dress and it's making me really hungry.

This Can't Be Healthy

A Face Should Not Look Like This

Well Said, Iron Sheik

Odds & Ends

A.J. Styles won the WWE Title Sunday night and is having the best 2016 ever ... A Tennessee student held a sign asking for people to give him beer money on Venmo and it worked ... Nine best college football uniforms in Week 2 ... Amazon is producing a Novak Djokovic docuseries​ ... I couldn't disagree more with this New Yorker story saying it's time to kill the celebrity roast ... Fifteen words you need to eliminate from your vocabulary ... Japanese games shows are endlessly fascinating.

Who Will Win Monday Night Football? Let Beer Decide

Our pal Tiffany Oshinsky is back for another season of Monday Night Football Beer Pick 'Em. Each week, Tiff will drink craft beer from each Monday Night Football team’s city to determine who will win the primetime game. This week, we highlight Kolsch, IPAs/APAs and Special Releases from Pittsburgh and D.C.​

Go Rams?

Can He Get a Mulligan?

Happy Birthday, Neil Peart

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