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Harambe jerseys are now back on sale at the NFL Shop.

By Extra Mustard
September 15, 2016

Rejoice! "Harambe" jerseys are back on sale at the NFL Shop after the name was no longer available for customization on Wednesday afternoon.

Harambe is the gorilla that was killed in May at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child ended up in the animal's enclosure.

UMass-Lowell soccer to host Harambe Night as tribute to gorilla

“The NFL never asked for this name to be banned,” a spokesperson for Fanatics, which works with the NFL for its online sales, told the Wall Street Journal. “It turns out an employee, in an effort to be vigilant and keep the banned list as current as possible, took it upon themselves to ban the word across our sites. Once we realized the error, we fixed the issue and Harambe is now available again.”

Harambe would've loved to wear NFL jerseys with his name.

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