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Man spends $26,000 on surgery to look like David Beckham

A 19-year-old has spent about $26,000 to try and look like David Beckham.

A 19-year-old United Kingdom man has spent £20,000 (about $26,000) on surgery to look like soccer star David Beckham, he told This Morning on ITV.

Jack Johnson spent the money on procedures for his cheeks, chin, eyebrows, lips, teeth and tanning injections to try to obtain the Beckham look.

Watch his interview below:

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The man is unemployed and in debt, but estimates that it will cost him another £30,000 in procedures to help him reach his goal. Doctors have shot down some of his requests.

"Obviously, I know I don't look like him," Johnson said. “I'm not that stupid but I've got a long way to go to get my goals to look like him.”

Now he just needs some neck tattoos.