Ranking the 15 best wrestling entrances of WWE's new era

Here are the 15 best entrances of the new era in WWE.
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For many viewers, entrances are the best part of any WWE event. They involve dimmed lights, catchy graphics, occasional pyrotechnics and a superb song.

There have been some iconic entrances over the years, from the Undertaker, to Goldberg, to Chris Jericho, which drove scores of onlookers into a frenzy.

By now, though, you probably have a good hold on some of the greatest entrances of all–time. But any list you might formulate probably doesn’t include any of today’s best entrances, which are great in their own right. 

Here are the 15 best entrances of the new era in WWE.

15. Cesaro

“The Swiss Superman” recently added a breakaway suit to his entrance, which has taken it to the next level. And although his song is somewhat annoying and leaves much to be desired, the siren at the beginning is amazing.

14. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose has a pretty good entrance song, and it kicks off pretty nicely. But after that, it’s quite boring.

13. Becky Lynch

This song is a ton of fun for fans to sing along to, and then Lynch comes out to a ton of smoke.

12. The New Day

The song isn’t really that good at all, but Big E gets the place jumping quickly with a loud declaration at the start of the entrance.

11. Bray Wyatt

It might be this generation’s version of the Undertaker’s entrance.

10. Kevin Owens

You know you’re in trouble when you hear that guitar whine, and see KO seething.

9. Seth Rollins

The drop when Rollins finally comes out gets me every time, and then the drum breakdown puts it over the top.

8. Sasha Banks

Slide, remove shades, strut to the ring to a triumphant tune. Simple, but awesome.

7. A.J. Styles


Currently WWE’s top-streamed song on Spotify, Styles’s music tells off his opponents before he can get to the ring. Add an iconic pose, and the interlocking hands to show off his gloves, and you’ve got a top-10 entrance. 

6. Enzo and Cass

S.A.W.F.T. Tremendous delivery on the mic from Enzo every single time.

5. Bayley

Who else uses inflatable tube men?

4. Shinsuke Nakamura

Certainly an incredible song, and hypnotizing visual, but it’s not quite the best in NXT. 

3. Sami Zayn

Might get some blowback on this one, but Sami’s entrance gets the crowd going every time. Pretty groundbreaking, considering it’s a ska song.

2. Finn Balor


Finn didn’t get to enter as “The Demon King” too often due to an injury early in his career on Raw, but when he did, it was a total show-stopper. He took what was already a great entrance at NXT and is on his way to making it legendary status on Raw.

1. Bobby Roode

You watch this video and tell me I’m wrong to put this No. 1. Can’t be topped.