The Oakland A’s got into a Twitter fight with Smash Mouth

We can’t make these things up.
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The World Series has taken center stage in the baseball world, but elsewhere in the universe, there are darker forces at play.

Erstwhile popular band Smash Mouth and the Oakland Athletics organization got in a Twitter fight last night.

There are no good Smash Mouth puns to make here, or hackneyed Moneyball references, this is just some stuff that can only be best presented with very little context.

Smash Mouth started it (after ex-Athletic Coco Crisp got a hit in the World Series) and the A’s swooped in and basically finished it.


Not even reliever Sean Doolittle could convert the save.

These two were made for each other, really.

UPDATE: After Smash Mouth continued to tweet about the A’s, the Athletics have apologized.

I hate the internet.