Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Coral Zitker; Childhood Halloween Photos of Athletes

Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Coral Zitker and childhood Halloween photos of athletes
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Childhood Halloween Photos of Athletes

From Joakim "The Mummy" Noah to Patrick "Batman" Kane, we collected our favorite childhood photos of athletes dressing up for Halloween. And while you're in the Halloween mood, BroBible collected the 30 best Halloween costumes of 2016 while Uproxx has the best pics from the Cavs annual Halloween costume party.

Metta World Peace Says a Ghost Touched Him ‘In the Wrong Places’

Not much to add beyond that amazing headline.

Oral History of Lil Penny

This is a really good read, as are most oral histories that involve Urkel.

Coral Zitker: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

I've never featured Israeli model Coral Zitker before and that seems like a major oversight. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Have You Seen Tara Reid Lately?

Remember when Tara Reid was fresh off American Pie and kinda dating Tom Brady. That was a long time ago and now she looks way too skinny and in need of help.

Important Real Estate News

Hot Clicks reader Ty from Chicago wrote in to let me know that the home featured in the intro to Family Matters is now on sale ... as a tear down.

Nice Burglar Alert

This thief just needed a Kit Kat. Hopefully it wasn't one of the weird new Quesadilla things.

Political Pumpkin Art

One Way To Spend $164,700

Odds & Ends

Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson turned in the gutsiest performance of the NHL season ... Not a good look for Darrelle Revis ... Maybe the O.J. Simpson costume with ill-fitting gloves wasn't the best outfit for LeBron James' Halloween party ... Comedy Central is in the midst of a late night slump ... I love when Phil Mushnick gets fired up over something dumb ... Slash of Guns N' Roses has a rather confusing marriage situation right now ... Val Kilmer is reportedly fighting cancer and not doing very well ... There's now a website that will tell you if your house is haunted.

Suns Dancer ... Ouch!


Kevin Durant Meets Fan

Remember When Randy Moss Convinced Bill Belichick To Attend the Patriots Halloween Party

Fun Times.

October's Best News Bloopers

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