Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Jamilette Gaxiola; Ezekiel Elliott Leads Cowboys to Epic Victory

Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Jamilette Gaxiola and Ezekiel Elliott leading the Cowboys to an epic victory
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NFL Round-Up


In the best game of the year, Dallas beat Pittsburgh on a 32-yard Ezekiel Elliott touchdown burst. The game included a Ben Roethlisberger fake spike and a super-awkward Jerry Jones touchdown celebration ​... Kirk Cousins unleashed a new celebration howl after Washington's win over Minnesota ... The Jets lost again but this hook and ladder was sweet... Carson Palmer lost a bet and had to warm up in a really embarrassing outfit ... The end of the Broncos-Saints game was a hot mess ... Here's another lame penalty for a funny touchdown celebration ... Sam Bradford's head was photoshopped onto another QB's body again ... The Packers and Titans had a nice little brawl ... Seattle squeezed out a victory in New England, though Bill Belichick seemed confused by Pete Carroll's coaching decisions.

A-Rod Steals Viral Tweet

Alex Rodriguez went to Home Depot and tweeted out a funny photo of a guy trying to squeeze a giant piece of lumber in his car. The only problem was A-Rod, who has a longstanding rivalry with the truth, didn't actually take the photo but just saw it online. He then changed his tweet when called out for the photo theft.

I Pray This is True

Tristan Thompson reportedly dumped Khloe Kardashian because his teammates were calling him Tristan Kardashian.

Jamillette Gaxiola: Lovely Lady of the Day

Octagon Girl Jamilette Gaxiola was my favorite part of UFC 205, or a close second to everything Conor McGregor did. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Just a Typical Friday Night For a Professional Athlete

Two weeks ago, Trevor Bauer was pitching for the Indians in the World Series. On Friday, he spent the night on Twitter helping a fan study for her math test.

Hot Clicks Riddle

A Cape Cod woman gave birth to twins (Samuel and Ronan) last week. Samuel was born first but Ronan is older. How is this possible?

The Best Part of Saturday Night Live

Dave Chappelle was great on SNL, but really shined singing Radiohead at the after-party.

Odds & Ends

Pulling someone's pants down in soccer will usually lead to a red flag ... Conor McGregor already has a new potential opponent calling him a chicken ... This was the craziest play of the college football weekend ... 108-year-old Cubs fan died one week after her team's World Series win ... Les Miles' Baton Rouge home can now be yours ... A good Samaritan helped a stranded biker, who turned out to be Bruce Springsteen ... The science behind making the perfect cookie ... Gallery: UFC 205 photos.

Freddie Falcon vs. Rocky

Wanna Get Away?

Monday Night Football Pick 'Em Game

Who Sang It Best: In My Life

Quick Note: I stopped including the original version because it won by a landslide every day. So please don't email to tell me it's a Beatles song. I am aware.

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