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The best responses to Kate Upton's Cy Young Twitter tirade

Twitter reacted to Kate Upton's tweets about the Cy Young voting.
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In case you missed it, Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello won the American League Cy Young Award on Wednesday night.

Kate Upton was not happy about that.

In a series of incendiary tweets (the first being NSFW), the model and actress questioned why her fiancée, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, didn't win the award despite receiving the most first-place votes. (In the screenshot below, we blurred out the last three letters of a certain four–letter word.) 


Needless to say, Twitter exploded. Some backed Upton for her fiery defense of Verlander, while others criticized her for not understanding the voting process.

Here are some of the best reactions to Upton's tirade.


The best response of all was probably from Porcello himself:

On the bright side, Verlander seems like he had a pretty good year on and off the field.

Ryan Fish