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Finally, the feud we all wanted.

By Extra Mustard
December 09, 2016

Two of the more colorful personalities in the league—very cool punter Marquette King and tight end/reality show star Travis Kelce—traded barbs on Thursday night, much to the delight of the entire nation. Between a contentious game, a huge brawl in the stands, and this newfound beef, the Chiefs–Raiders rivalry is becoming the best storyline in the league.

King, who is known for his swaggerific dances on the field, was shown up by Kelce after a Tyreek Hill punt return touchdown. The tight end mocked him with his own pony dance!

We got some clarity as to why after the game, when Kelce told the NFL Network postgame, “He told me I didn't have any rhythm...I told him, ‘Trust me, wait until I get until the end zone.’”

Well, after King saw that, he cracked back.

Please—please—can we get these two in the playoffs?

– Kenny Ducey

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