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This one-armed eighth grader can dunk like it’s no big deal

Trashaun Willis is in eighth grade and dunk with ease. Oh, and he has one arm. 

Trashaun Willis is 6'3", 180 pounds. That’s pretty big for an eighth grader. No wonder he plays quarterback and linebacker for his middle school’s football team. He also stands out on the basketball court, where he dunk with ease. Not bad for a kid with one arm. 

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In typical eighth grade fashion, Willis’s teammates were too busy celebrating the jam to get back on defense, he told the Des Moines Register

While another dunk attempt earlier in the game went begging, Willis said it’s not even the first time he’s dunked in a game. He also dunked again the day after the dunk in the video above. 

“My first dunk was a couple weeks ago in Mount Pleasant, at Iowa Wesleyan University,” Willis told the Register. “It was great; we were all really excited, and the crowd was really loud—I just had a whole bunch of joy going through me.”