It hasn’t been that long since Kris Bryant was in high school. 

By Extra Mustard
March 22, 2017

Before he was the Rookie of the Year and MVP for the Cubs, Bryant was a kid on the Bonanza Bengals shaking off the nerves in his first varsity game. 

Kris Bryant didn’t graduate from high school all that long ago (2010) but returning to Bonanza High in Las Vegas was still an emotional experience. 

The school was mostly the same when he returned recently, well, aside from Bryant’s face on the Wall of Fame. (His wife is there, too, for her accomplishments on the student council.)

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Despite having to act as the grounds crew with his teammates, Bryant remembers high school fondly. 

“There are so many good memories here for me,” Bryant said. “I met my wife here, got a scholarship for playing baseball well and doing well in school. I loved high school, loved every minute of it.”

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