Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Cassandra Dawn: How Donald Trump learned to throw a punch

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How Donald Trump learned to throw a punch


It's WrestleMania season and this latest wrestling story is a doozy. Armando Alejandro Estrada, who worked with Donald Trump during Wrestlemania 23, told a great story on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Trump was set to beat up Vince McMahon at the end of the match and McMahon asked Estrada to speak with Trump beforehand and make sure he was cool with everything. The two met and Estrada ended up with a swollen head courtesy of the Commander in Chief.

The coolest wrestling video you'll see all week

Shane McMahon delivers an elbow off top rope, as seen from the stands. I got this from the Squared Circle Reddit, a must-visit website for all wrestling fans.

Angry old men are ruining baseball

Please mute Goose Gossage and Bert Blyleven while they complain about everything?

Lovely Lady of the Day

It's Friday afternoon and Cassandra Dawn seems like a good way to start your weekend (click for full-size gallery). 

Young boy sees dad after six months

Check out the bear hug this kid gives his dad after he returns home from duty.

The world's 10 best children's playhouses

The castle Ryan Zimmerman made for his daughter is my favorite.

Charles Barkley once got a contact high from Nirvana

Imagine being at the SNL with Charles Barkley as host and Nirvana as musical guest?

Hot Clicks Giveaway

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This should be fun

A.M. Hot Clicks was fun

Odds & ends

Landon Donovan did a stage dive off a taco truck and it didn’t go well ... A history of Sidney Crosby's crotch shots ... Jesse Eisenberg is suddenly a big fan of women's college basketball ... Rotten Tomatoes is "destruction" of the movie business, according to one over-dramatic director ... This may be the best dog video I've ever seen ... Some guy used a hair brush to rob a McDonald's in Texas ... A World War II veteran won a $300,000 lottery on his 94th birthday.

I still think Sam Hoopes should've gotten the Baywatch lead

Randy Johnson kills bird

Best news bloopers: Kids edition

World on a string

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