16-year-old breaks world record by smashing 111 concrete blocks with his head

There are probably more efficient ways to do this, but this is the coolest. 
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There are probably easier and more efficient ways ways to break 111 concrete blocks than by using a front flip to smash your head against them, but don’t tell that to Kerim Ahmetspahic.

Ahmetspahic is a 16-year-old Bosnian taekwondo artist. Over the weekend he broke a world record by destroying 111 concrete slabs with only his head. 

The crazy thing is that he needed just 35 seconds to do it. The previous record was 65 blocks, set by Oliver Gimsehl in 2016, but that took him a full minute. Ahmetspahic nearly doubled that total in almost half the time. 

If there is a world record for dizziest Bosnian teenager, he probably broke that, too.