Awesomely terrible or just plain terrible?

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
April 21, 2017

We write a lot about bad tattoos here but usually it’s fans getting them, not players.

Cowboys defensive back Anthony Brown apparently posted a photo of this unfortunate ink on his Instagram page. Let’s just say he’s not much for symbolism.

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Subtle, Anthony, real subtle. If he had been from England, would he have gotten a French fry tattoo instead? The 189 wasn’t enough?

This is either brilliant or outrageously awful. If he’s in on the joke, he deserves a pat on the back. If he unironically got a literal chip permanently etched on his skin, uh oh. 

(It’s worth noting that, even though the photo is nowhere to be found on his feed, it’s almost definitely real, since Brown was taken with the 189th pick in the 2016 draft.)

Most importantly, though, what brand of chip is that supposed to be? Ruffles? Wise? Utz? Wavy Lays? These are the questions we really need answered. 

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