Video: Live TV report gets interrupted by Oilers’ game-winning goal

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Edmonton news reporter Kevin Karius had a tough assignment on Wednesday night: report live from outside the Oilers’ Game 5 against the Sharks. 

The teams needed more than 18 minutes of overtime to decide a winner, which meant the game was still going on when the news broadcast tossed it to Karius to provide an update. He tried his best to remain professional but still admitted “I don’t want to be working right now” and spent more time looking at the game than at the camera.

So on the one hand, it was difficult to work while obviously distracted. On the other hand, what happened next made his job really, really easy.

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It just so happened that the Oilers scored the overtime game-winner while Karius was still live on air. All he had to do was step aside and let his cameraman capture the scene. 

Game 6 is Friday night, but Karius probably won’t get so lucky again.