Friday's Hot Clicks: Meghan Mazurczyk ; Keith Hernandez is not dead

In Friday's Hot Clicks, we declare Keith Hernandez alive and well, plus a look at the lovely Meghan Mazurczyk.
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Keith Hernandez is not dead


I had two seconds of incredible sadness yesterday when I read that Keith Hernandez was dead. Turns out the headline in yesterday's Brandon Sun accidentally used "Keith" instead of "Aaron" in the headline. I thought maybe Keith's years of smoking finally caught up to him. Nonetheless, I am happy to announce that Keith Hernandez is alive, well and still dating everyone's favorite Northwestern mom.

The NFL schedule is out

Somehow, the NFL turned a schedule release into a major sporting event. Here's Peter King on how the 2017 schedule was made, along with a look at this year's must-watch games, a ranking of teams with the hardest schedule and the 10 worst games of 2017 that you'll probably still watch.

ESPN on ESPN violence

I love when Bomani Jones goes off on other ESPN personalities.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Meghan Mazurczyk has appeared in a bunch of random stuff (The Dictator, Happyish), including the series finale of 30 Rock. Those are impressive credentials. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Ask Jimmy

Jimmy Traina is back at SI and has a daily column called Traina Thoughts, which is published in the early afternoon every day. Thursday,  he discussed bad umpires, Charles Barkley's assault on critics and the Carmelo-LaLa split. He also did a quick Q&A during a train delay, so if you're curious about the best Curb and Seinfeld episodes, or a Friday Night Lights spin-off, give it a read.

Weed nuns are my favorite nuns

Yesterday was 4/20 and as expected, there was a lot of internet content about pot. Hell, we even busted out this Ricky Williams' best SI portraits gallery for the occasion. But of everything I read, my favorite was this profile of "Weed Nuns," who are "holy rollers on a mission to empower women with marijuana products."

One way to prevent jaywalking

The Chinese city of Wuhan installed subway-style gates and they look pretty ridiculous.

People in Boston got really mad at me for this tweet

Shaq's son and Manute Bol's son have become quite close

Mother’s Day gift problems, solved

Now through Monday, April 24, Tory Burch (which is a women’s brand that never goes on sale that Moms everywhere will love) is having a big spring sale. All you need to save some money is the promo code SPRINGEVENT and the more you spend, the more you save. They’ve even rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts to make it easy for you. 

Odds & ends

The Bears want you to guess their schedule based on these very specific food items ... ​The Jazz will pay for your haircut if you want to look like Gordon Hayward ... Have you made anySerena Williams pregnancy bets ... If Aaron Hernandez had CTE, that will be a hot legal mess (according to our legal expert) ... Five tech gifts for Mother's Day ... Meet the Ukrainian queen of underboob ... U.S. air marshal left a loaded gun in an airplane bathroom ... Cuba Gooding Sr. passed away at age 72.

Korean broadcasters make baseball much more exciting

Pop is coming for you!

Disrespectful but awesome

I (kind of) called this six months ago

Random song I can't get out of my head

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