It's Hairstyle Awareness Day and Chrissy Teigen has some opinions

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Sunday is Hairstyle Appreciation Day and when it comes to sports, there are plenty of hairstyles to appreciate. So many, in fact, that we needed to call an expert. Luckily, SI Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen was promoting her Cocktails with Chrissy campaign with Smirnoff, and was nice enough to give me her opinion on some of the most recognized hairstyles in sports today. Here's what she had to say.

JaVale McGee

"Oh wow. Oh. I’ve never really been into the rat tail in general. I can just picture John [Legend] having that and … no."


Mark Davis

"Oh my goodness. Oh wow. That’s a talking point for sure. That is a hard no. Are Raiders fans going to come after me now? That’s a tough crowd. His hair does look soft, though."


"Love. He can do no wrong."


"I don’t mind the stripe but I say go all out with it like Odell."