WATCH: Drew Pearson trolls Eagles fans on NFL draft stage with pro-Cowboys rant

Drew Pearson should announce every draft pick next year. 
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The NFL likes to parade out ex-players on the second night of the NFL draft to announce picks, mostly to give Roger Goodell a break from being booed. But since the draft is in Philadelphia this year, the fans just booed everyone who walked on stage. 

Drew Pearson was no exception. 

The Cowboys are hated (with good reason) in Philadelphia, so the boos rained down extra hard on Pearson as Goodell introduced him to announce Dallas's pick. But Goodell could learn a thing or two about handling boos from Pearson, who played for Dallas from 1973-1983.

"How 'bout them Cowboys?" he started. And it only got better. 

Pearson took on the persona of the most annoying Cowboys fan you know, rattling off Super Bowl titles and even praising "Hall of Fame owner" Jerry Jones. The Jones mention nearly sent the crowd into a riot. 

It was the personified version of a pro-Cowboys comment on Peter King's Monday column. 

Drew Pearson should announce every draft pick next year.