The fish is seven times as big as he is!

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 11, 2017

This is no fish tale. A 14-year-old kid in Louisiana—all 5'6", 115 pounds of him—recently managed to haul in a massive tuna more than seven times his size. 

Kaleb Richardson was about 120 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico on his father’s 58-foot fishing boat on April 22 when they spotted a massive fish feeding near the surface. 

Their first attempt to hook the fish didn’t work, so the captain circled the boat back around. 

“A fish came up on the center line, but didn’t take it, so we came back over the same spot again, and the fish looked like a submarine coming up to get the bait,” Kaleb’s dad, Keith, told The Advocate.

That’s when it hit. 

Kaleb, despite the massive size difference, was able to haul the fish in after less than an hour of fighting. 

They knew right away that they had caught a big one, but it wasn’t until the boat got back to shore that they knew just how big the fish was. 

Whoo Dat Sportfishing/Facebook
Whoo Dat Sportfishing/Facebook
Whoo Dat Sportfishing/Facebook

The fish ended up tipping the scales at 835 pounds, the fourth-largest bluefin tuna ever caught off the coast of Louisiana. 

[Pensacola News Journal via Reddit]

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