Traina Thoughts: These are the five best photos from the Giants-Nationals brawl

Bryce Harper going after Hunter Strickland led to some amazing pictures.
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The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. You've seen the video by now many times. Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland threw a pitch at Bryce Harper's hip yesterday because the Nats slugger didn't act properly (whatever that's supposed to be mea) after hitting a home run against the reliever a few years ago Harper charged the mound, flung is hat like a madman and the fight was on. Here are five must-see images from the scrum.

• We all know how Harper's helmet throw ended up, but his form here was decent.


• Solid direct hit on Strickland by Harper.


• Poor Hunter Pence got smashed in the face by his own teammate.


• When you combine a brawl with the flow sported by Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzjia and Harper you get one hell of a photo.


• Good job, good effort by Nats second baseman Daniel Murphy trying to get Harper under control.


2. I asked four Major League players yesterday for their take on the brawl. They each said Strickland was 100% out of line. Harper also has support from someone very important.

3. The biggest story on Monday was Tiger Woods' arrest. One quick-thinking Royals fan who went to see his team face the Tigers last night wasted no time in taking advantage of the news.

4. Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Anthony "Spice" Adams had a better Memorial Day than you.

5. We're used to seeing fans run the field during a timeout in the action, but at yesterday's Reds-Blue Jays game, a fan ran onto the field during a pop up, which led to chaos.

6. Last week,'s Richard Deitsch told you there was some serious bad blood between Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, who will be splitting up after 17 years together on ESPN radio. Golic did some damage control over the weekend and said he has issues with other people at ESPN and not Greenberg.

7. A+ home run celebration here by the Rays, who put first baseman Logan Morrison to sleep after he went deep against the Twins Monday.

8. WWE superstar Randy Orton spent his Memorial Day delivering a solid "RKO Outta Nowwhere."

9. THE DAILY ROCK: The Rock always gave a little extra when he was interviewed by Lillian Garcia.

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