Adidas hopes their shoppers will be interested in pizza shoes, among other food-related products.

By Rebekah Lowin
July 11, 2017

Would you wear a pizza shoe? How about one decorated to look just like a Georgia peach? Or one decked out like a hunk of delicious cheese?

Adidas and Refinery29 are betting on it. They’ve partnered up to create 50 limited edition Ultraboost X sneakers, each painted by 11 diverse women artists to represent one of the 50 states—whether that’s in the form of the state’s most noteworthy food staple, its topography, or its flag. There are even some shoes decorated with the state flower or state gemstone. And paint isn’t the only thing involved here; the artists used everything from sand to beading, thread, clay, faux flowers, and more.

Regardless of whether you choose to actually wear the shoes, the brands have succeeded in highlighting shoes made for women, by women. According to Refinery29, all proceeds from the sale of the creative, eclectic shoes—which are available for purchase via Adidas’ auction site–will go to Women Win, a charity that “leverages the power of sport to build girls’ leadership and help communities address gender equity.”

Of course, we were most spellbound by the culinary-inspired shoes. There’s the unforgettable pizza one for New Jersey (sorry, New York), and the Georgia peach shoe looks like a literal peach, with a small green leaf hanging off the side of it. South Carolina has a bright pink shoe with a small cartoon-like shrimp figure clinging to the side of it, and Wisconsin’s got, yes, a yellow, cheese-inspired design to brag about.

Lizzie Darden, the artist behind those particular designs, told the outlet that she felt compelled to create them because “you can’t throw a party with just one dish. Each state has something great and unique to bring to the table, and it’s important to celebrate them individually and as a whole unit."

We agree. If you’re hoping to claim the pizza shoe as your own, go for it: You can bid on all the designs here through July 11.

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