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Monday's Hot Clicks: Jessica Lima; Great White Shark 1, Michael Phelps 0

Michael Phelps vs. Shark: The age-old rivalry finally comes to a head.

Michael Phelps lives every week like it's Shark Week

Because it's the dead of summer and there isn't much going on in the world of sports save for baseball, the eyes of many (or at least some ... okay, a few) were turned to Sunday night's marquee matchup on Discovery for a swimming race between gazillion-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and a great white shark. Finally, the age-old question would be answered: Will a man ever be able to swim faster than a shark? Well, the results are in, and it was not good for Phelps.

Okay, when I say "not good," that's relative; Phelps didn't get messily devoured by one of the world's apex predators, and that's for the best. But he still got whupped by that shark, and whupped good. Better luck next time, fish boy.

Kyrie Irving stars on "As The Flat World Turns"

This drama blew up late on Friday, but it's been developing steadily over the weekend, as Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving has made it known that he doesn't want to be in Cleveland any more. On Sunday, we got an update courtesy ESPN, which broke down how and why all this unhappiness came to be. Long story short: Cleveland is a franchise in total disarray organizationally, with Irving looking to make his name elsewhere and LeBron James apparently unwilling to tie his long-term future to owner Dan Gilbert. It's all a fascinating mess, so stay current with all the latest courtesy our crackerjack NBA team at The Crossover.

More like Tour de Froome

For the fourth time and third straight year, Chris Froome got to sip champagne on the Champs-Elysees, as the British cyclist took down all comers to win the 2017 Tour de France. And he even got some time to celebrate with his son, Kellan, who will probably be en route to his 18 straight titles sometime in the next two decades.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Say hello to Jessica Lima, a Brazilian model and would-be actress who's vying to make it into the pages of the 2018 Swimsuit issue. She's one of 35 finalists for SI's Swimsuit casting call; you can learn more about her from her modeling profile, or check out her full-size gallery right here.

Danny Ainge's Drive By Dunk Challenge didn't go so well

Neymar's going to need a bigger closet

The current Barcelona star may be headed to Paris Saint-Germain as a newly rich man, but if this video of him shoe shopping is any indication, that money is as good as spent.

Odds and Ends

Global warming and climate change are making it too hot for Africa's wild dogs to hunt ... NPR has an exhaustive list of the 150 best albums made by women ... Fansided has the 20 best animal-human matchups they'd like to see post-Phelps/shark ... The details of the confrontation between Red Sox pitcher David Price and NESN broadcaster Dennis Eckersley are out, and they're not pretty ... Here's a nice story about the Lakers' Larry Nance Jr. and his military pen pal ... NY Mag rode the subway with Larry David's daughter, Cazzie, and hilarity ensued ... Reds All-Star shortstop Zack Cozart finally got his promised donkey from teammate Joey Votto.

Jordan Spieth is thirsty

The 2017 British Open winner put the claret jug trophy to good use following his victory on Sunday.

Dee Gordon meets his match in a tiny Reds fan

Given the opportunity to meet a player on an opposing team, this pint-sized Reds fan takes full advantage by (lightly) kicking Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon in the knee. I would say pick on someone your own size, but...

The Holy Spirit got a hold of Carlos Gomez on this home run

Take us home with a kiss, Willson Contreras

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