Bartolo Colon and Tom Brady were among the many athletes that took some time to watch the total solar eclipse.

By Chris Chavez
August 21, 2017

People all around the country took a few moments out of their day to look into the sky and watch as the moon moved between the sun and the earth.  On February 26, 1976, the United States saw a total solar eclipse when it passed the Pacific Northwest.

American Astronomical Society advised people to wear protective equipment if they wanted to look at the 

Here's how athletes reacted on Twitter:

The next total solar eclipse that will be visible in the United States is projected to take place on April 8, 2024 and will be visible in Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland and New York. The next total eclipse to go coast-to-coast will take place in 2045. Athletes will most likely be using another social media platform to express their reactions.

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