Traina Thoughts: From Bieber To Trump Tweets, Here Are The Mayweather-McGregor Prop Bets

Will Bieber be with Mayweather? Who will have the bigger entourage?
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1. Floyd Mayweather is currently -475 to win his fight Saturday against Conor McGregor, whose odds of a victory are +375. Despite that low number for a guy who has never boxed before, people are pounding the underdog.

According to, one book could lose $3 million if McGregor pulls off the upset. But as any gambler knows, picking who will win is boring. It's the prop bets that provide all the entertainment. Here are the props being offered on the fight by

Who will have more people with them during the fight walkout?
Floyd Mayweather: -175
Conor McGregor: +125

Which fighter will have a longer fight walkout?
Floyd Mayweather: -155
Conor McGregor: +110

Will Floyd Mayweather wear a “The Money Team” hat during the fight walkout?
Yes: -400
No: +250

Will Lil Wayne wear a shirt during the fight walkout?
No: +160

Will Nate Diaz walk out with Floyd Mayweather?
Yes: +115
No: -160

Will Justin Bieber walk out with Floyd Mayweather?
Yes: +300
No: -500

Total Donald Trump Tweets on the day of the fight
Over 6.5: -155
Under 6.5: +110

Will either corner throw in towel?
Yes: +800
No: -2500

Will either fighter lose their mouthpiece during the fight?
Yes: +425
No: -850

Who will be the first fighter to bleed?
Floyd Mayweather: +275
Conor McGregor: -450

Will there be a Boxing Rematch in 2018?
Yes: +450
No: -900

Which fight will end first?
Mayweather vs McGregor: -600 
Alvarez vs Golovkin: +350

Will Conor McGregor fight in the UFC in 2017?
Yes: +125
No: -175

Will there be a MMA Rematch in 2018?
Yes +2000
No: -10000

2. Brett Favre "dancing" to Bruno Mars will leave you speechless.

3. This pretty much sums up how sports media has changed in the era of social media. A player takes a vicious hit, leaves a game and then we find out how he's doing through a tweet that contains one full word, one abbreviated word and an emoji.

4. Today is the 10-year anniversary of the biggest blowout in MLB history. Check out this in-depth feature on the night the Rangers beat the Orioles, 30-3.

5. J.J. Watt may have a lot of haters, but he also has some passionate fans.

6. After a report over the weekend stated that N.J. Governor, Chris Christie, was no longer in the running to join New York sports-talk radio station, WFAN, when Mike Francesa retired on Dec. 15, Christie went full politician and tried to claim that HE didn't want the WFAN gig.

7. Rick Rolling is so 2008, but when the Foo Fighters team up with Rick Astley to pull it off, which is what happened over the weekend, it deserves attention.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Big Cass suffered a legit knee injury during a match on Monday Night Raw last night. This reminded me of the time Triple H blew out his quad wrestling in tag team match with Stone Cold against Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. The crowd couldn't have been hotter and Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, on commentary, couldn't have been more over-the-top. All that made for one hell of a match.