In which one of the world's richest athletes shills for something very random.

By Jon Tayler
August 23, 2017

Far be it from me to tell a professional athlete how to make his money and who to endorse along the way. These folks should be encouraged to get every dollar they can out of the game while they can, and if that means putting a goofy image of yourself on every cereal box, underwear package and local car dealer TV ad to get that money, than so be it.

But for Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, that pursuit of the almighty dollar has led him to some strange, strange places. Here he is playing poker for PokerStars against Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul (who sadly doesn't drop a single "Yeah, b----!" on him at any point). Here he is making a sexy, sultry face over a bucket of fried chicken. And on Wednesday, the Portuguese international dropped a promoted tweet for ... an Egyptian steel-making company?

Yes, over the course of that 60-second video, Ronaldo tours a steel factory as its bonafides are touted over dramatic piano music, before he tells us something in Arabic presumably meant to reassure us that, should we need high-grade commercial steel made in an environmentally-friendly way, Egyptian Steel is the way to go. It's not the most obvious partnership of athlete and brand, but here it is anyway.

This is apparently the second part of Ronaldo's endorsement deal with this steel manufacturer, though at least this video wasn't a poorly produced mess involving obvious green screening and body double usage. Keep cutting them checks, CR, and maybe see if Egyptian Steel can't kick some metal your way to fix that horrible bust.

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