Thursday's Hot Clicks: Bre Tiesi; Penguins player Baptizes Baby in Stanley Cup

In Thursday's Hot Clicks, A Penguins player baptizes his baby in the Stanley Cup. Plus a look at the lovely Bre Tiesi.
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One way to baptize a baby


Brecken Archibald. Get used to the name. He's the son of Penguins right-winger Josh Archibald and three-week-old Brecken was baptized in the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. And if you don't think the above image of the baptism will be showed endlessly on ESPN in 25 years after Brecken wins the Cup, you don't know sports media very well.

Albert Pujols is the worst player in baseball

I didn't believe it either but 538 lays out a strong case and they know what they're talking about. Another random Pujols note: Did you know he once appeared in the SI Swimsuit issue with his wife, Deidre?

College football's 2017 All-Name Team

My favorites are Lion King (Eastern Michigan) and Chance Trasher (Coastal Carolina).

Lovely Lady of the Day

It doesn't look like Johnny Manziel will be playing in the CFL this year but on the plus side, he has Bre Tiesi for a fiancee. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

​Was Mayweather-McGregor all a big work?

I don't believe it, but my man Justin Barrasso makes a pretty strong case.

Ever have trouble spotting your luggage at the airport?

I have the perfect solution.

Brent Musburger has a lot to say about gambling

He also dispenses advice for Tony Romo, reveals his worst gambling loss and doesn't think the Patriots will win more than 12 games this season. Listen to Jimmy's podcast below.

Sidney Crosby already getting trolled by new NHL franchise

Pat Tillman gets a statue

Odds & Ends

Brent Musburger had some advice for Tony Romo as he begins his broadcast career ...Dwyane Wade really loves his wife ... Magic guard Jonathan Simmons has a pretty crazy Hurricane Harvey story ... The Merriam-Webster Twitter account burned some NFL teams ... Sex on a golf course is never a bad time. A high speed chase though, not so much ... Roger Federer played some tennis at Central Park yesterday ... This vendor at Yankee Stadium simply has too much to carry ... The Celtics and Cavs finally figured out the Kyrie Irving trade ... Dennis Rodman loves The Flintstones, Jetsons and North Korea ... Eight deleted scenes that would totally change the movie they were cut from.

Dancing Groundskeeper is back

Klay vs. K9

NFL season preview in 97 seconds

Higher Love

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