Thursday's Hot Clicks: Anna Sofia; The Porta Potty Challege Is Here and It's Disgusting

In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we look at the disgusting Porta Potty Challenge and feature the not disgusting Anna Sophia.
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#PortaPottyChallenge is disgusting and impressive


If you've ever been to a music festival or any overnight event without a public bathroom, you know the porta potty is one of the most horrible places on earth. With that in mind, let me introduce you to the #PortaPottyChallenge. The goal is to pack as many of your friends as possible into a porta potty and share a video of everyone exiting. Cross country teams are doing it everywhere and I don't quite understand why.

Diamondbacks advance

Arizona knocked out Colorado in last night's play-in game and will face Los Angeles in the National League Division Series. Relief pitcher Archie Bradley (of all people) hit a go-ahead triple in the seventh to give Arizona the lead, then promptly gave up two home runs on the mound. 

SI Swim Search down to final six 

It started with 5,200 girls dreaming of becoming an SI Swimsuit model. Now we're down to six, including the wife of Panthers guard Matt Kalil, a former Patriots cheerleader and Miss USA 2015. I think I'm on Team Allie but it changes every day. Check out the final six and see what team you're on.

Lovely Lady of the Day

anna-sofiaDSC_5541 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_2864 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_5466 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_2866 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_3302 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_3001 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_3021 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_3043 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_3305 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_5487 dilz_0.jpg
anna-sofiaDSC_5542 dilz_0.jpg

Jimmy from Long Island wrote in to request Anna Sofia be named LLOD. Good call, Jimmy. She earns today's honors (click for full-size gallery). 

Most underappreciated dynasty in sports history?

Congrats to the Minnesota Lynx on winning their fourth WNBA title in the past seven years.

This dog has the longest tongue in the world

Meet my new favorite Saint Bernard, Mochi, owner of the world's longest dog tongue (7.3 inches)

Who wants a $1 margarita?

I suggest visiting your local Applebee's.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

Life is easier with a good backpack. If you're one of those who don't own one, may I suggest thePure Outdoor 32L Survival Tactical Backpack. It is made of durable 1000DCordura brand nylon fabric with self-repairing YKK zippers. Also, it's badass and perfect as an everyday pack or for an overnight hiking trip. Get yours today. As luck would have it, I have three to give away and I'll send to the 100th, 200th and 300th person to email me ( the name of the new cult hero Jeopardy champion. The answer was in yesterday's Clicks. Please make the subject "backpack."


Ready for flight

Wrestling's best battle may be played out in courtroom

I didn't know face shapes were a thing

Odds & Ends

I love when Mike Francesa gets salty, especially when proven wrong ...Tim Howard is not a bigAlexi Lalas fan ... Enjoyed this piece on the secret life of stadium workers ... Odell Beckham claims the Buccaneers knew what routes he was running ... Terrelle Pryor says he was called the n-word “several times” Monday night ... It turns out Jay Cutler’s total lack of effort was by design​ ... Several friends of Cavs coach Tyrone Lue were shot during the Las Vegas tragedy ...Harvey Weinstein is about to get exposed by the New York Times ... I have no clue whoCardi B is either ... I like when Lindsay Lohan is doing positive things ... Top 10 places where millenials are buying houses.


Not remotely clutch

Go Dwight Go!

SI Swim Search finalists get surprised with news they advanced 

More Tom Petty tributes


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