Donald Trump has a long history of tweeting praise and insults about the World Wide Leader

By Jimmy Traina
October 10, 2017

Donald Trump is squarely taking on one of the most important issues facing the United States of America -- ESPN's ratings and subscriptions.

This is hardly the first time Trump's social media addiction has led him to opine on the World Wide Leader. Back when he was just a celebrity, Trump often tweeted about ESPN. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Feb. 22, 2012

Analysis: A vintage Trump tweet: Bullying? Check. Humblebrag? Check? Using an absolute? Check.

Oct. 18, 2012

Analysis: Basic humblebrag. Also, shows you how much Trump's massive ego needed the affirmation of being covered by ESPN.

Jan 17, 2013

Analysis: Direct hit. Hyperbole. Sloppy (no spacing after apology, three dashes). Uses exclamation point to show how much he hates political correctness.

July 14, 2013

Analysis: Straight from the Trump playbook. Over-the-top insult, uses a rating, plays the victim. Hat trick. 

Jan 29, 2014

Analysis: Classic ego stroke. Praising a show that's not good just because they have you on. Over-the-top compliment.

March 4, 2014

Analysis: Grand slam: Humblebrag. Ego stroke. Third person. Narcissism. 

Sept.17 2014

Analysis: Pats himself on the back. Throws in a dash of narcissism.

Nov. 7, 2014

Analysis: Basic self-promotion, overstating quality of the show/hosts.

Dec. 16, 2014

Analysis: We'll just let this one stand on its own. Actually, no we won't.




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