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Alex Rodriguez, Mark Cuban and the Gronkowski Brothers Made for Great TV on Shark Tank

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Cuban joined forces to invest in the Gronkoswki brothers after playing them in flip cup.

If you didn't see ABC's Shark Tank on Sunday, you missed out.

Not only was Alex Rodriguez making his first appearance as one of the show's Sharks, marking the appearance of the first Hispanic Shark in the show's history, but all five Gronkowski brothers were there to pitch a product.

If you've been under a rock for the past few years and don't know what Shark Tank is for some lame reason, it's a show where ridiculously wealthy entrepreneurs decide on whether or not to invest in products that are pitched to them. The products generally are very low budget at the time they appear on the show and the creators are in need of additional financial backing to get the product off the ground and make it marketable on a larger scale.

So in most cases, the people pitching a product aren't related to a two-time Super Bowl champion who is currently playing under a six-year, $54 million contract. But the Gronkowski aren't most people.

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Led by Chris, the Gronkowski boys started off their appearance exactly how you would expect.

From there, their pitch for Ice Shaker, a specialized stainless steel shaker bottle that can hold ice for up to 30 hours, took an interesting turn.

The Gronkowskis challenged the Sharks to a game of flip cup. Because for some reason the Gronkowski's like to handle business deals like they are frat parties during freshman year at college.

And in a shocking plot twist, the Gronkowskis picked up the win in flip cup.

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After completing the most important part of their pitch, it was time for the Gronkowski's to start talking money and get an investor. They asked for $100,000 for a 10 percent equity in their product. A product they don't want to put the Gronkowski name on, because they want it to sell on its own, not because of the three-time All-Pro tight end attached to it.

A-Rod was immediately intrigued and wanted to invest along with Mark Cuban. A baseball guy, a basketball guy and some football guys working together on this product designed for athletes. It all made perfect sense. But Rodriguez and Cuban wanted 20 percent equity for a $150,000 investment.

After some deliberation and discussion that included two of the other Sharks offering deals, the Gronkowskis did the only thing that seemed logical and agreed to work with Cuban and Rodriguez.

A-Rod and Cuban invested a combined $150,000 for 15 percent equity in the product and now the world can sit back and wait for Ice Shakers to become the next big thing in the world of protein shake containers.