Traina Thoughts: Don't Interupt Paul Heyman's Mic Time

Watch what happened when Paul Heyman's promo got interrupted by a stunt in the WWE crowd.
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1. It's always fun and noteworthy when something happens at a WWE event that isn't part of the script. This was the case last night when a guy decided to propose to his girlfriend during Monday Night Raw while Brock Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman, was cutting a promo. Given that Heyman is either the best or second-best mic worker in the history of pro wrestling (along with The Rock), it was no surprise that he was able to handle the situation brilliantly while making sure everyone know it was still his time. 

As the crowd started chanting, "SHE SAID YES, SHE SAID YES," over and over, Heyman surveyed the scene and then did his thing.

2. If loving Troll LeBron is wrong, I don't want to be right. The King basically took over New York City for the past 48 hours, knocking the Knicks players and organization, getting into skirmishes and riding the subway like a commoner. Then he made sure to twist the knife into the Big Apple this morning after helping the Cavs erase a 23-point second half deficit to come away with a 104-101 win last night.

3. Speaking of great taunting, Joel Embiid did a great job playing with the the Clippers crowd by telling them DeAndre Jordan was "going home" after the Sixers center got him fouled out of last night's game.

4. I guess this can be called a case of taunting, as well. Warriors coach Steve Kerr now does a bit in his pregame press conferences with the media in which he gives them the lineup news for that night's game and then does an activity so the reporters can tweet the news. Last week he cut his finger nails. Last night, he played with a Rubik's Cube.

5. ESPN's Mike Patrick and Tommy Tuberville got caught on the good old "hot mic" saying some NSFW things while calling Saturday's Oklahoma State-Iowa State game. 

6. Memo to Broncos wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders: You might not want to tweet this the day after your team loses, 41-16.

8. Jimmy Kimmel turned 50 yesterday and in honor of the big occasion, his staff put together a special edition of Mean Tweets.

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