In Friday's Hot Clicks, we look at Trevor Bauer hitting 117 mph on radar gun.

By Andy Gray
January 12, 2018

Trevor Bauer has a cannon

Indians ace Trevor Bauer can throw a ball 117 miles per hour. Sure, he took a 10-step running start, jumped in the air, and used a tiny baseball, but it's still 117 miles per hour. The throw was part of Bauer's unorthodox offseason training regimen, which Lee Jenkins wrote about extensively in this 2011 profile. Now can we figure out how to make jump pitches with undersized baseballs a part of the game?

The KHL is never boring

I couldn't decide which KHL story to feature: The one where the teammates get into a huge brawl at a team dinner or this amazing dance routine the women busted out after their league's All-Star Game on Thursday. So I went with both.

If you're not cheating, you're not trying

An Ultrarunner was stripped of his titles after an investigation found him guilty of hiding in a Port-A-Potty during races.

Chloe Crawford is an illusionist who was featured on Britain's Got Talent and currently is on stage with Criss Angel in Mindfreak Live! She is the first illusionist ever featured in Hot Clicks, and a damn good one (watch video at bottom of this column to see her in action). She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Here's a feel-good moment to get your day started

Don't leave Nebraska high schooler Kyle Kwarcinski open in three-point land. You'll regret it.

How much does an ad for this year's Super Bowl cost?

Safe to say we won't see a Hot Clicks commercial during this year's game.

This made Kyrie Irving happy

Start your 2018 NBA Draft research

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Odds & Ends

I never believed John Skipper's story for leaving ESPN, and now there's more evidence that something shady went down ... An Alabama assistant had his playbook stolen before the National Championship Game ... I like Chris Paul, but he's asking for trouble with this tweet ... This would be a good day to visit the the Chick-fil-A in Whitehall, Penn.​ ... Markelle Fultz's ugly jumpshot continues to baffle ... Joel Embiid has an interesting reason for cheering on Arsenal ... The Dolphins coach fired for the cocaine video had been on quite the bender ... There's a new survey out that says Brits doesn't care about American football in any way ... Ranking the Super Bowl MVPs: Which all-time performance ranks No. 1? ... Megyn Kelly continues to annoy her bosses at NBC ... John Fogerty is annoyed the Proud Mary film use his song's name without his involvement ... Congrats to this woman for successfully returning her dead Christmas tree.

Jack Whitehall gets pranked

Kindergarten students channel Sean Payton

Shaq raps

Who's excited for more Disjointed?

The second part of Disjointed's first season is coming to Netflix on Jan. 12. To celebrate, some ex-NFL players came together to deliver a pro-cannabis message that will be featured in one of the episodes.

Watch today's LLOD in action

Watch Jack Whitehall's show on Netflix. It's amazing.

This edition of Hot Clicks is not sponsored by Netflix, but it should!

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