Friday's Hot Clicks: Newly-Crowned All-Star Joel Embiid Has No Time For Rihanna

In Friday's Hot Clicks, we dig into Joel Embiid's message for Rihanna.
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Joel Embiid disses Rihanna

Back in 2014, prior to the start of his rookie season, Joel Embiid went on a social media campaign to score a date with Rihanna. She was not interested and told him to come back when he was an All-Star. Well, here we are, four years later and Embiid is now an all-star. Fans swarmed Rihanna's social media to remind her of the offer, but it appears the Sixers center is no longer interested. And judging by the gaggle of SI Swimsuit models hanging out with Embiid at SI's Sportsman of the Year party last month, I'm not surprised Embiid is keeping his options open.

Monday Night Raw turns 25

WWE's Monday Night Raw turns in a few days and we've compiled the 20 most legendary moments and seven most outrageous storylines to celebrate. And if you don't trust our judgment, we got Triple H to give us his five favorite storylines. Speaking of Triple H, he appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle with wife Stephanie last night and it was ... interesting.

Meet the final three rookies of SI Swimsuit's Class of 2018

Always nice to have a former Miss Universe on the team.

I meant to feature Raiders superfan Ivana Rojas (a member of the FanGirl Sports Network) right after Jon Gruden was hired but planning has never been my specialty. Forgive my tardiness in celebrating Ivana and the Raiders (click for full-size gallery). 

Eight bizarre and hilarious takeaways from NBA All-Star voting

I love how every NBA player despises Austin Rivers.

One way to keep your son safe at a NHL game

Hockey games can be dangerous for young kids, especially dad's pesky elbows.

World's Best Hotel

if you ever wanted an excuse to visit Indonesia, now you have it.

Ryan Leaf has jokes

This is a great read

The Friends cast in high school

Odds & Ends

The Jaguars got some important advice on how to beat the Patriots ... I can't wait for Ronda Rousey to beat everyone up in the WWE ... Baker Mayfield wants to play for the Dolphins ... The Argentines are on a whole different level when it comes to goalkeeping drills ... Michelle Beadle is not a LaVar Ball fan ... Sebastian Telfair's wife claims he's violent and suicidal ... Ranking the top 20 sports moments of The Office ... Good news, Party of Five fans ... Celebs can't stop using that Google Museum art lookalike selfie thing ... How to ask for your next big raise.

Houston, we have a dance party

Charles Barkley, dumbass

Bailey roasts the Steelers

Happy Birthday, Robert Palmer

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