Thursday's Hot Clicks: U.S. Women's Hockey Wins Gold ... and an Endorsement from One Major Celeb

In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we congratulate the U.S. Women's hockey team on their victory ... and so does Ron Jeremy.
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Everyone is excited about the U.S. Women's hockey team 

While you were sleeping, the U.S. Women beat Canada in an overtime shootout to capture gold. Watch Jocelyne Lamoureux's game-winning goal here. Other items of interest: Another great U.S. team had a pregame message for the squad ... Leslie Jones had some choice words for Pierre McGuire and his choice of interview questions ... Canadian ice skater Scott Moir certainly enjoyed himself during the game ​... GoalieMaddie Rooney got Wikipedia'd (yes, I made that a verb) after her amazing performance ... Canada’s Jocelyne Larocque wanted nothing to do with her silver medal​ ... Twitter was on fire after the game ... As if winning the gold wasn't exciting enough -- the team got a shout out from legendary actor Ron Jeremy.

NHL team brings moms on trip

Pretty smart move by the Calgary Flames to have players bring their moms on the team's trip to Las Vegas (as opposed to say, Columbus). Also, I had to check three times to make sure Sam Bennett's mom and Matthew Tkachuk's mom are two different people.

One way to make baseball more fun

I love this idea. Let managers of trailing team pick their batting order in the ninth.

If you're not familiar with SI Swimsuit model​, do so immediately. She's going to be a star (click for full-size gallery). 

Dallas Mavs fallout

SI's story on the Mavs front office culture had a lot of people talking yesterday. Dirk Nowitzki said he was disgusted.Mark Cuban seemed more embarrassed than anything. Rachel Nichols was the most fired up and went off on the team and Cuban during her show yesterday. 

Athletes have the best houses

Why would Cal Ripken Jr. ever want to leave this place? It's paradise.

You can choose SI's next swimsuit model

We have six girls competing for one spot. Vote now!

Mike Mayock is a complete square

Hockey players are tough

Shaq pranks Charles

Odds & Ends

If you're a wrestling fan, you'll want to read our weekly news and notes column ... Dirk Nowitzki was "disgusted" by SI's report on the Mavericks ... "Saquon Barkley Day" is a thing that's happening on March 14 ... Turner Sports may hire Steve Nash as a soccer analyst ...Mychal Thompson is not a fan of Bleacher Report's NBA rankings ... I still can't believe how tough Alshon Jeffery is ... Twitter's Millennium Olympics made me laugh ... Good news, gentleman. A SI Swimsuit model is back on the market ... Things are getting weird with Kawhi Leonard and San Antonio ... This firefighter dad went a little too far to teach his kids a lesson.

Karl Malone pranks Anthony Davis

Deja Vu

Bill Gates doesn't do much grocery shopping

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