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Friday's Hot Clicks: Conor McGregor Loses His Mind, Attacks Bus, Gets Arrested

It was not the best Thursday for Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor was in a mood

Conor McGregor was arrested Thursday after he threw a dolly into a bus that was carrying several UFC fighters and staffers. Dana White was livid with McGregor and thinks he could serve jail time. I predict McGregor will be part of WrestleMania at this time next year.

Masters Roundup

The first round of the Masters is in the books and Michael Rosenberg has a good column from Augusta. In other news: Tiger Woods shot a one-over 73 in his return to the Masters ... A shuttle bus carrying fans to the course overturned and the driver was charged with DUI ... Sergio Garcia put five straight shots in the water ... Louis Oosthuizen had the putt of the day ... As usual, John Daly set up shop at a nearby Hooters parking lot.

That's it for me

In case you missed yesterday's big announcement, this will be my final Hot Clicks. I'm handing the keys to Dan Gartland, starting Monday. I wanted to thank you again for all your support and the nice emails/tweets I received yesterday. It meant a lot. I'd like to say something more eloquent here but I am still feeling the effects of last night's going-away party. In conclusion, thanks for reading and making me part of your daily routine.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_14271-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_01358-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_02545-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_05531-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_05924-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_07812-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_07083-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_10231-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_09703-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_09138-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_04958-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_07173-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_00624-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_03293-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_08974-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_01779-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_11742-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_14377-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_13050-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_15416-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_13995-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_04095-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_06900-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_12445-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_01563-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_00806-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_15749-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_02245-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_14895-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_10365-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_09009-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_04533-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_13729-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_12959-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_10668-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_14424-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_14731-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Kate Bock 2016 web X159794_TK5_06658-rawWMFinal1920.jpg

I made Kate Bock my first LLOD back in October 2013, so it only makes sense to feature her on my final day. I texted Kate about this accomplishment and she said, "Honored to be the first and last Lovely Lady of the Day by Andy Gray. So sad to see you go and wishing you the best." Kate is the best. Follow her on Instagram right now.

Perfect ending

The Sedin twins played their final home game in Vancouver last night and what a way to go out.

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