Monday's Hot Clicks: A Kangaroo Created Quite the Scene at a Soccer Match

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Kangaroo delay

A women’s Premier League match in Australia was delayed when a kangaroo invaded the pitch. Who do you think it was roo-ting for???


World Cup Roundup

Colombia dazzled us again and England overwhelmed. There were reports of a major rift between Argentina’s players and their coach Jorge Sampaoli, though some of the players are now denying it. Sweden’s Jimmy Durmaz was racially abused after their loss to Germany, and here are advancement scenarios for each group.

Dumb or brilliant?

Scott Holt, an aspiring comedian from Jersey City, N.J., was late for a meeting in Manhattan so he took a paddleboard across the a full suit.

He’s still pitching?

I had no idea Edwin Jackson was still playing baseball. And now he’ll tie Octavio Dotel’s record by joining his 13th MLB team.

You’re welcome

Having a crap Monday? This will help: Japan held its 12th annual Angry Tea Table Flipping Contest.

Camille Kostek

Kinda cool

I still can’t believe this exists

Well done Under Armour

Odds and Ends

Tebow turned down an opportunity to play football again ... Video of LiAngelo Ball's pre-draft workout is not great ... ICYMI: Dwyane Wade wants to bring the Sonics back to Seattle … An Australian guy won the lottery three times in one month ... Hank Aaron says he wouldn’t go to the White House if he won a championship today ... Watch: The top 100 plays of the 2017 college football season ... Russian bars are shocked that World Cup fans are drinking a lot of beer ... Alex Bregman shaved his mustache between at-bats.

Ayesha dominates

Hard pass

Loud but oddly mesmerizing

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