Monday’s Hot Clicks: Texas Tech Fantasy Camper Makes Legendary Hustle Play

He intercepted that pass like he was playing cornerback. 
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He intercepted that pass like he was playing cornerback

The most intimidating player in a pickup basketball game isn’t the former college star with the smooth jumper, it’s a guy like Texas Tech fantasy camper Justin Farris who isn’t afraid to dive headlong onto a hardwood court to intercept a pass on a fastbreak. 

Now Red Raiders coach Chris Beard has the perfect clip to show his team next season if he ever catches them not giving their all on defense. 

I’ve never heard of a player getting punished like this

Usually a player who gets arrested gets suspended by the team or the league. Not Browns rookie Antonio Callaway. Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson punished Callaway for his recent marijuana possession arrest by leaving him in for nearly the entirety of the Browns’ preseason opener against the Giants.

“Either you sit him or make him play,” Jackson told reporters. “I thought it was better to make him play, make him play as long as he could. There were a couple times he kept waving to come out. We said, ‘No, stay in there.’”

Is this guy for real?

Robbed home runs is not a stat that you can look up on Baseball Reference, but I think White Sox centerfielder Adam Engel is making a case for why it should be. After robbing home runs in back-to-back games against the Yankees early last week, Engel brought another ball back from over the fence yesterday against the Indians. Engel’s Twitter handle and bio reference his homer robbing expertise, which makes sense because he sure as hell can’t hit

Bits & Pieces

Tiger Woods was oh-so close to winning the PGA Championship, making a late charge in the final round. ... Action Bronson probably should have familiarized himself with the local laws before booking a show in Kosovo. ... How bad is Paxton Lynch? He got booed off the field in the Broncos’ first preseason game. ... Scientists have created a robot that can find Waldo in 4.5 seconds

The best kind of walk-off

Two outs, two strikes, down three runs. That’s the only good kind of walk-off grand slam—and, it turns out, one of the rarest. 

I’m calling the police

The Colts have a motorcycle cop at quarterback now

How did anyone ever stop Yao?

[kisses fingers like an Italian chef]

Just in case you missed this over the weekend

Wayne Rooney isn’t just coasting in MLS

This kid is just 16

Don’t try this at home

A good song

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