Monday’s Hot Clicks: CFL Defensive Back Tells Receiver ‘Bring It On,’ Immediately Gets Run Over

If you’re going to taunt your opponent, make sure you’re able to back it up.
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I have no idea how many times I’ve watched this

If you’re going to taunt your opponent, make sure you’re able to back it up.

In Friday’s CFL game between the BC Lions and Edmonton Eskimos, Lions cornerback T.J. Lee gave the receiver across from him the classic “bring it on” gesture, but he wasn’t ready for what came next. 

The rules in the CFL allow receivers to get a running start before the ball is snapped, so Edmonton receiver Duke Williams had a full head of steam when he collided with Lee. 

Lee is actually a really good player, leading the Lions with 76 tackles on defense (or defence, as they say up there) and third on the team with three picks. But he’s only 5'9", 190 pounds, so he probably should have thought twice about taunting a much bigger receiver who had the advantage of a running start.

Here is the wildest finish of the weekend

Let’s break it down: 

• WKU scores the go-ahead touchdown. 

• ODU answers with fast touchdown drive to tie it. 

• Roughing the passer call on ODU puts WKU on the edge of field goal range. 

• WKU misses a 57-yard field goal but ODU has too many men on the field, giving WKU another shot from 52 yards and no time on the clock. 

• WKU’s 52-yard attempt falls short, but ODU has a man back to return the kick. 

• ODU runs the kick back deep into WKU territory but fails to reach the end zone. 

• The game is not over because WKU commits a facemask penalty, giving ODU one more play on an untimed down. 

• ODU kicks a game-winning field goal.

Here's ODU head coach Bobby Wilder on how it all went down.

Is there anything Patrick Mahomes can’t do?

The Chiefs showed again last night that they’re alone at the top of the AFC (with the Patriots) by blowing out the Bengals, 45–10. The Kansas City defense had its best game of the season and Patrick Mahomes had another of his usual four-touchdown performances. We also learned during the broadcast that Mahomes has been pulling off outrageous athletic feats since before he knew his multiplication tables. 

Bits & Pieces

The suspensions have been handed down from Saturday night’s Rockets-Lakers fight. ... There’s some serious drama brewing between DeVante Parker and the Dolphins. ... Netflix is cancelling Luke Cage, the Marvel series that takes place in Harlem. ... Michigan-Michigan State wasn’t so competitive on the field but there was plenty of bad blood before kickoff. ... The new Halloween sequel just had the second-biggest opening weekend ever for a horror movie. ... A school cook in Nebraska got fired for mixing kangaroo meat into the chili

Week 7 gave us two tremendous memes

That was Tucker’s first ever missed extra point

The Celtics are trading for Juan Hernangomez

How would you rather lose a game? 

On a 59-yard field goal?

Or a Hail Mary stopped at the 1?

Steven Adams is a treasure

You really have to watch this

Football is a contact sport

Quiet, the master is at work

Can you believe the political climate in this country?

Your Gritty update of the week

This is the third time he’s appeared in the elevators of my condo building. I live in Edmonton... from r/hockey

Pure desperation from Cam Ward

There’s no better way to honor Dwight Clark

The 2018 Bills in one image

This is honestly a little creepy

Get ready for some blistering Tetris action

This scene from the most recent episode of It’s Always Sunny is pure perfection

A good song

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