You have to name at least 15 cheeses in 30 seconds to graduate high school in Wisconsin. 

By Dan Gartland
November 05, 2018

She made Wisconsin proud

If there’s one thing people in Wisconsin know it’s cheese. 

One of the in-game entertainment segments the Bucks are running this year pits fans against players in a contest to name as many varieties of cheese in 30 seconds. The woman in the video above set a mark that I don’t think can be passed. 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, her name is Jamie Kiesl and she felt pressured to be on top of her game after learning right before the camera went on that one of the players named 24 cheeses in their pre-recorded segment. (I bet it was Donte DiVincenzo ripping off the names of two dozen different Italian cheeses.)

But Kiesl named a whopping 27 cheeses in just 30 seconds, which would have been good enough to beat any player and certainly put Sterling Brown’s 17 to shame.

Kiesl told the Journal Sentinel that she has lived in Wisconsin her whole life (in case that wasn’t clear from her pronunciation of “goat”). Asked how she was able to name so many cheeses Kiesl posited, “Desserts? I’m a big dessert fan.”

I have questions about liquor stores in Louisiana

Every state in America has its own occasionally bizarre laws about when and where you can buy alcohol. In New York, you can’t buy beer at the same store where you buy wine and liquor. In Connecticut, you can’t buy alcohol after 8 p.m. Rhode Island and Missouri allow bars in certain cities to stay open later than in the rest of the state. 

In Louisiana, liquor stores apparently sell flip phones to use in a touchdown celebration. 

What a country. 

The best of SI

Troy Aikman was strangely upset about Michael Thomas’s celebration. ... A drunk man was arrested for allegedly riding around on an unattended horse at Churchill Downs. ... An LPGA hopeful was disqualified from Q-school after her mom moved her ball. ... Alabama proved it has no peers with its dominant win over LSU.

Around the sports world

The Red Sox left a tip of nearly $200,000 after their World Series party. ... Patrick Mahomes spiked the ball and got called for intentional grounding. ... Tyson Chandler is reportedly expected to join the Lakers after being bought out by the Suns. ... Nathan Peterman is still bad.

Michael Thomas didn’t have the best celebration of the weekend

That’s Jon Gott of the Ottawa RedBlacks and the woman with the beer is his girlfriend, according to the Ottawa Sun.

Hilarious footage of Shaq unearthed after two decades

The duck boat made it to Foxborough

The Ivy League Odell

Foul tip, count remains full

When I first saw a clip of this I assumed it was an onside kick attempt. It’s so much more baffling now that I know it wasn’t. 

This guy must have put flubber on his cleats

Heidelberg’s Austin Baker spoke with SB Nation after his record-setting kick.

You’re damn right UMBC hung a banner for its upset of Virginia

I agree, Alabama fans can’t celebrate anything less than a national championship anymore

But I bet Mahomes would have done the same thing if Texas Tech had knocked off Oklahoma.

Not Sports

The real Italian plumber who inspired Nintendo’s Mario character has died. ... Because The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead weren’t enough, AMC is developing Walking Dead movies. ... A vegan woman in Italy was fined after threatening to stab her mother for cooking Bolognese sauce in her presence.

Kid attracts a big crowd playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the piano after a screening of the Freddie Mercury movie

This garbage man loves turning his job into an arcade game

A good song

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