Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Kevin Durant Proves He Has a Sense of Humor by Joking Around With Hecklers

KD actually has a sense of humor.
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Kevin Durant actually has a sense of humor


At a game last month in Dallas, Kevin Durant had had enough of some Mavs fans who wouldn’t stop heckling him and approached them with some simple advice: “Watch the f---ing game and shut the f--- up.” The remark later earned him a fine of $25,000.

“Grown men can’t come to games and heckle grown men,” Durant told Yahoo’s Chris Haynes after he learned of the fine while they were recording a podcast. “That’s corny, that’s weak.”

But it looks like there is a way to heckle Durant and not be corny or weak. During Monday night’s game in Atlanta, some fans were poking fun at Durant and he responded by recycling the line that got him fine (although he censored himself). 

Durant (rightfully) is considered to have a thin skin, so it’s good to see that he’s willing to have a laugh at his own expense. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the fine was only .08% of his annual salary. 

Alabama really blew this one

Alabama led Georgia State by 22 points at home with 14:18 to play and proceeded to get outscored 44–19 the rest of the way and lose on this three at the buzzer.

Georgia State is now 2–0 against SEC teams after beating Georgia on Nov. 21. 

Tom Wilson got a taste of his own medicine

What happens when Ryan Reaves and Tom Wilson—two of the dirtiest players in the NHL—share the ice? This:

Wilson has been suspended four times since the start of last season, and was ejected from Friday’s game against the Devils after another similar hit. Wilson was not fined or suspended for that hit, but it looks like he could be out of action anyway.

The best of SI

Josh McDaniels and Mike McCarthy will be the top candidates on the NFL coaching carousel. ... Is Urban Meyer really done coaching? ... USC made the perfect call hiring Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator. ... I ranked the 13 names the new ownership group is considering for Seattle’s NHL team. 

Around the sports world

A doctor has apparently figured out what’s wrong with Markelle Fultz. ... The Steelers have banned a fan who was photographed choking a pregnant Chargers fan. ... The NFL has placed an official who allegedly called a player a “bitch” on administrative leave

Hassan Whiteside had seen enough

You won’t see a shot better than this

Dunking from 855 feet above Las Vegas

Bruce Boudreau will roll the dice

I love these Argentine rugby jerseys

Who needs a summer job?

Not sports

Kevin Hart will host the 2019 Oscars. ... A nine-year-old Colorado boy got his town to overturn its 100-year ban on snowball fights. ... Burger King’s new ad campaign requires customers to go to McDonald’s. ... An extremely rare white reindeer was photographed in Norway. ... A seven-year-old boy who reviews toys made more money than anybody on YouTube this year—$22 million. 

Pablo Escobar’s hippos run amok in Colombia

I don’t think this is going to catch on

The latest Marvel trailer

A good song

I’m very disappointed in myself for not including this yesterday. 

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