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Here Is the Chicken Finger Dipping Music Video You Didn’t Need

Some people don’t want their 15 minutes of fame to end. 

Do you remember, over four months ago, when ESPN’s cameras captured a woman eating chicken fingers at the U.S. Open and dunking them in her soda? If you do, you probably hadn’t thought about it since you saw it that fateful day in early September. But Alexa Greenfield—the 26-year-old woman in the video—doesn’t want her 15 minutes of fame to end.

She first created an Instagram account dedicated entirely to the practice of combining chicken and soda, which has racked up over 6,000 followers, where she catalogs. Her latest venture is selling a soda-flavored dipping sauce and “Chicken Soda”-branded clothing.

To promote all that, she just released a music video that is almost too absurd to believe. The song is autotuned to the point that you can barely recognize a human voice produced the original sound and the chorus is to the tune of “The Chicken Dance.” The video features a Pokémon-branded Volkswagen and Alexa soaking in a tub of soda while surrounded by chicken fingers. All this for something she admitted to me she doesn’t do that much

The sauce is expected to be available for purchase on Greenfield’s website next month. She better sell enough to cover the costs of filming a professional-grade music video.