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What you do when you have too much money

The hottest thing in the NFL right now is buying a Dutch-made superyacht.

Jerry Jones just got one that cost $250 million. Dan Snyder’s was a measly $100 million but does include the world’s first floating IMAX theater. And now, according to TMZ, Falcons owner Arthur Blank has purchased a 295-foot vessel for $180 million. (TMZ says it’s 240 feet long, but all the yachting publications say it’s actually 295 feet.) The news was first reported by

The ship is called DreAMBoat (AMB being Blank’s initials) and was constructed by Oceanco, the same Dutch company that built Jones’s boat. 

Details on amenities are scarce, but we do know the boat features a “large” swimming pool on the rear deck as well as a hot tub that’s partially in the sun and partially in the shade. The owners’ deck has its own private hot tub. There are 11 sleeping cabins on board, enough to house 23 guests and 33 crew members. 

Does anyone else think it’s really strange that all these NFL owners are deciding at the same time to buy outrageously extravagant yachts? It has to be some kind of tax dodge, right? Anyway, here’s something I think about often

Does it get any more American than a bald eagle delaying a baseball game?

Jacksonville University’s baseball stadium is right on the St. John’s River, which I guess means you’re liable to have a game interrupted by an osprey dropping a fish in shallow centerfield when chased by a bald eagle. 

Worst police escort ever

The Irish national rugby team was in Rome this weekend for a Six Nations match against Italy and the cops there were helpful (?) enough to give the team bus a wild escort through the streets. The cop car trailing the bus wasn’t any less aggressive

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You can’t just refuse to get substituted!

(He later apologized.)

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Not even the Oscars are safe for Knicks fans

This is too cute

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